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Alright Everyone, I am back.

Nabarus, Apr 18, 11 7:08 AM.
After a very long week and a half, I am back home with only my brother, Asmo and the wifey, Sara.  So, it's back to normal time.  I shall be working on the forum tonight with every intention of getting the slight fixes done today.  By the end of the weekend, I should have all the World of Warcraft Class information up and running for those of you who have been patiently waiting :P.

Thanks for the support everyone :)


Hello Guildies!

Nabarus, Apr 8, 11 11:56 AM.
Hey Everyone,
    Nabby here again, letting everyone know that tonight roughly around 4pm Diena and I will be traveling to Maryland to go to see her folks and for other stuff.  I'll be working on the forum while I'm down there and finally fixing and getting everything in here as much as possible.  I will be talking to Elitist Jerks about all of the page information and seeing if they will work with us on having it transferred over here for our guild.  Other than that, I will be fixing the forums and having it available to everyone to see and use.  If you have any questions please ask them.  Thank you for your patience everyone :)


Back To Working!

Nabarus, Apr 2, 11 1:59 AM.
Hello Ladies and Gents,

    Sorry for the "non-updates" that I have not displayed.  For the past 2 days I have been rigorously leveling up my Paladin (Nordeus).  He will be 85 most likely by 3 pm tomorrow. :D yay!

    Anywho, once all that is settled and done, I'll be right back here working on upgrading every aspect of the website.  Again, if anyone has any suggestions or concerns, just send me an E-Mail or PST me on the game (Nabarus/Nordeus) whichever one I'm on at the time.

My email -

Or you can just comment here, you'll see a colored comment word just above the "hello ladies and gents" up top.

Last, but certainly not least, WELCOME to the Blood of the Warrior website to those that just recently signed up!!! 

Okay, off to bed.  Good Night (:


Welcome to the Blood of the Warrior Website!!

Nabarus, Mar 29, 11 11:01 PM.
Hello Everyone! 

Nabarus here to tell you I have been working diligently on this website to get it to where it is at right this moment.  Bare with me and I will have everything in place by this weekend!!! Thank you!

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